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killing off the ordinary


Looking around, we have almost never met such sites, which in our opinion, should be in modern business. Aesthetic, comfortable, fast and technological at the same time. There was either a good picture with a twitching interface, or fast and convenient sites, but boring and outdated from the outside
Our key competency is to create emotional digital products that solve the business problems of companies, brands and entrepreneurs
Several freelancers from different fields came together in an autonomous team to create cool sites with a WOW-effect. Entered the market with zero experience in web-development, we knew only one thing: how we want to see the digital environment.


We clearly understand how to achieve WOW in any project. The purpose of Edt. is to make each of our products fall into the user's heart and evoke pleasant emotions from use.

Of course, it is impossible to do perfectly. But in the process you can create a product that will be 20% better than competitors.

Create something new that will radically change the market. Or just work on your conscience, rolling up your sleeves, and not shying away from responsibility for the outcome of the project.

I'm Ruben,

Digital products used by businesses and their customers should be enjoyable to use. And the point.
Businesses should not just make money, but help people live: solve real problems, motivate or give a sense of belonging to a certain community

We believe that the business of the 21st century must combine a visually appealing product, human-centered marketing and customer-centric service
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